Geoffrey Gersten is a painter based out of Scottsdale, Arizona..  He was born in 1986 in Phoenix.  Geoffrey is heavily influenced by the Masters of the Dutch Golden Age.  Over the past eight years, he has developed his artistic style which often combines whimsical humor and a sense of political irony painted in a classical manner.

After his first painting sold in 2010, Geoffrey began a quick ascent into the fine art world with national and international exhibitions.  His work can be found in myriad public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous galleries including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Orlando, Washington DC and Taipei City. 


Gersten Fine Art, Scottsdale AZ

Morpheus Gallery, Las Vegas, NV

Gallery of Music and Art, Forum Shops, Las Vegas, NV

Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Artbot Gallery, Old Town Alexandria, VA

Sally Li Gallery, Taipei City, Taiwan

La Fiambrera Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain